2022 - The Year of Too Much

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I sat down and wrote my entire blog on 2022 two weeks ago and given how 2022 has panned out it’s no surprise that blog is no where to be found! So I am starting again. And maybe that’s exactly the point. Moving into 2023 I am starting again. But in a different way. In 2022 I put more on my plate than I could handle. I did far too much and it cost me a lot. Not just financially but in other areas of my life. I want 2023 to be different. So here I am starting this blog again and already it’s different to the first one I wrote.

At the end of the year, with the beginning of a new one on the horizon I like to reflect on both what’s gone right, but also inevitably what’s gone wrong. And although I wouldn’t pinpoint anything as going wrong in 2022, it was simply too much and I don’t necessarily feel satisfied coming out of it. 

So while I can’t pinpoint exactly what felt off, I can pinpoint what felt right. My office space tops the list. If there was one decision I made in 2022 that I felt completely at ease with, it’s opening and creating an office space that I am excited to go to each day. Packing orders was once a task that I found draining but in this new space I love it! The space has enabled me to work more efficiently and I love working in my little country office.

2022 was a big year of product launches for me. I don’t often go into details on my product launches. All of my products sell well, some of course better than others but overall each and every product gets purchased at least once every week. The Darling Baby range has been incredibly successful which I’m grateful for. The My Series books have been selling steadily as well, although the ABC range is still the favourite. But the product that I put the smallest amount of energy into launching has become our best seller since it’s launch in July. Little Words on Motherhood has been the unexpected success of the year and I can’t tell you how happy and proud this makes me. I was a little unsure of whether to launch it as any writer will tell you, it’s incredibly daunting putting your thoughts and feelings out into the world. I had this pull inside me though, this gut feeling that it was the right thing to do and once again following my intuition has absolutely paid off. Finally following my dream of writing what I truly want to write has paid off and I have big plans for my Little Words range of books.  

Launching so many products in one year created a huge amount of administrative work and coupled with the fact I’m also packing one day a week I’ve spent more time working on weekends and when my kids go to bed than I have in years. Resulting in this feeling of too much. 2022 was simply the year of too much. And this is what I’ll be changing in 2023.

It’s been a difficult year for e-commerce, particularly compared to the last two years and I’m grateful to have come out of it still financially stable but also with the perspective of knowing what I want to change going forward. It won’t be news to anyone reading this that my passion lies in writing. Writing the Little Words books brings me so much joy as does getting lost in writing my novel. These are the things I will be focusing on next year. Outsourcing administrative tasks, creating new revenue streams for my existing products and writing. Whilst there are a couple new products I have in mind I’m going to let those ideas sit with me awhile longer and make sure they feel right, and that I’m not creating products just to add to my range. I want 2023 to be about listening to my intuition because every single time I have done that, the rewards have been greater than I ever anticipated.

2022, you were a challenging year. You were a year of change. But ultimately you were the year of too much. In 2023 I want to reduce my work hours, increase my revenue growth and spend more time with my kids, especially Mila before she heads off to kindy. If it all sounds like a dream, that's because of course it is. But the work that goes into making any dream come true is usually something you don’t see. I’m leaving 2022 knowing what I want to change and ready to do the work to facilitate that change in 2023.

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