Little Words for Nan

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Is watching you read,
Bedtime stories
While their eyes light up.
Is a home cooked meal,
After a long day at work
Folded laundry on my bed.
Is the bond I see created
Between young and old,
A bond to last eternity.

Little Words for Nan is a beautiful book of poetry for the person who makes life a little bit easier. For the person who loves your little ones the same way you do. For the person who has always loved you.

Little Words for Nan finds a way to say thank you to the Nan who is there through the ups and downs, who holds their grandchildren’s hand the same way they held yours.


The book measures 12.5cm x 20cm and is softcover with a matt finish. Colour may appear slightly different compared to photos due to lighting. 

This book also comes in the following titles (with the same content inside)

Little Words for Grandma

Little Words for Nanny

Little Words for Nonna

(Please note this version does not include the same interactive pages as the Grandad series. There are lined pages to write letters at the end of the book and a wider range of poems)

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Beautiful words!!

Incredible book