Little Words on Infertility

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I’ve never known love like this before
I’ve never known what’s like to lose a love
I never really had
Because I never had you
I never held you
I never saw you
And yet I loved you
In a way I’ve never loved before.

With beautiful words, Jessica delves into the challenging, difficult and life changing path of infertility that so many people bravely walk. 

Having gone through the trials and tribulations of infertility herself, Jessica writes about the subject in a way that is both respectful and realistic whilst also giving the hope that people experiencing infertility crave.

This raw and honest recount of infertility is a must have for any one experiencing the unknown. It documents infertility in a way not often seen, through poetry and prose, giving readers the knowledge that they are not alone and that above all, there is always hope.

The book measures 12.5cm x 20cm and is softcover with a matt finish. 

Customer Reviews

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Brought this for my Daughter who is struggling with Infertility.
Mother’s Day gift.

Best gift ever!

I bought this gift for my step daughter who is struggling with infertility and it’s been one of the best gifts I could have bought her. It’s often hard to find the words to say those who suffer infertility but this book says it all! I highly recommend it :)

Tara Barrett

This really helped to articulate thoughts and feelings we have all had along our journeys.

Perfect gift

The perfect gift you can give to yourself on this journey ❤️

Gifted by a friend

I was gifted this book by my bestie who lives in a different state. She also knows the struggles of infertility, we ride this journey together with our own struggles. When this book arrived I of course cried because i was so touched, but immediately felt so comforted and not alone in this process. The poems and words throughout these pages are so relatable to the roller-coaster of infertility. I feel understood, heard and it helps me feel more at peace with my body on the days I am loosing hope. Thank you so much for creating such a special gift. Love it and refer to it whenever I need a reminder.