Little Words on Miscarriage

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They don’t teach you about this part
The part where your dream almost came true,
The part where you almost became a mother
The part where your heart was shattered in two.
They don’t teach you about this part
The part where you go home to an empty house,
With an empty womb
Cradling an empty heart.

Little Words on Miscarriage is a collection of poetry for women going through one of the most difficult moments of their life. Pregnancy loss is something that people are often scared to talk about and it is Jessica’s hope that within these pages you find some solace and peace in knowing that you will never be alone in this journey.

Little Words on Miscarriage is a book that only those who have experienced it can truly relate to. It can also be a very lonely time but hopefully within the pages of this book anyone experiencing the loss of a pregnancy can feel like they don’t walk this journey alone and their fears and feelings are valid.

The book measures 12.5cm x 20cm and is softcover with a matt finish. Colour may appear slightly different compared to photos due to lighting. 

Customer Reviews

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Tracey Fogo

Brought this for my Daughter for Mother’s Day.
She has had a few Miscarriages hope these kind words help her.

Shannon Elliott
Thank you for what you do ❤️

Thank you so much Jess. After 7 miscarriages between 2022-2023 I purchased this book heading into IVF to hopefully bring home a healthy baby. But the grief of a miscarriage/early loss can be extremely difficult, especially heading into something like IVF. I wanted something to feel connected with my angels and I can not express how amazed I am with this book. The attention to detail is remarkable and incredible that I seem to be reading it most nights before bed. Thank you again Jess. I will be definitely purchasing more hopefully soon 🤞🏻🌈❤️