Little Words on Motherhood

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The journey has broken me,
Put me back together
And stolen my heart.

Little Words on Motherhood is a book of beautifully written poetry and prose on one of the most joyful, incredible, difficult and challenging journeys women can go through - motherhood.

Jessica writes on the ups and downs, the highs and the lows and the amazing yet challenging aspects of motherhood, reflecting on her own experience as a mother of three. She shares her raw and honest account of motherhood, from the impact it has on relationships, to work to the individual relationships she shares with her three children.

This collection of words encompasses what it means to be a mother, to try and find the line between where a mother finishes and a child begins and how both beauty and darkness can exist in the world of motherhood - and that it’s ok to have no idea what you’re doing!

This is a must have for all mothers whether you are just beginning your motherhood journey or continuing to expand your family. There is no right or wrong in motherhood, we are all just doing our best and this book will remind that your best is more than enough.

The book measures 12.5cm x 20cm and is softcover with a matt finish. Colour may appear slightly different compared to photos due to lighting. 

Customer Reviews

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Jade Sweeney
Beautiful Poetry

Real, raw and emotional. Really captured the emotions experienced during different stages of motherhood. A very easy and enjoyable read for those few rare, quiet moments of parenthood.

Renae mulry

Little Words on Motherhood


Beautifully written, capturing the joys, highs and lows of being a mother. I bought 4, one fur my daughter who has just had her first baby and one each for friends who are expecting first and second babies. I’m sure they’ll live them.

Jillian B.
New motherhood

I bought 4 books for gifts and upon looking through one I’ll keep, absolutely loved what I read. One book will be coming to Cape Town in a few weeks to meet our first grandchild.


My daughter and daughter in law, both new Mums, love these books