Little Words on Pregnancy

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‘I loved you before we created you
I loved you before I knew what it felt like,
To feel your kicks from the inside out
To have your heart beating next to mine.
I loved you from the moment
I knew I wanted you,
I love you now, today and tomorrow
And I can’t wait to finally hold you in my arms.’

Little Words on Pregnancy shines a light on one of the most extraordinary times of a woman’s life – when they are carrying another.

This book is full of beautiful poetry and prose on the magical journey that is pregnancy. With honest words Jessica describes the ups and downs of pregnancy, identifying that although it is a wonderful time there are also difficult days during those nine months.

This book is perfect for any pregnant woman, or any woman who has been through pregnancy, whether it’s their first of fourth child.

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Tracey Fogo

I brought this book for my daughter who is struggling to keep a pregnancy for Mother’s Day.